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newborn. news 4's megan mcgrath has been talking to scientists all morning long, and she joins us live. mei xiang doing a good job out there? >> reporter: she's doing a terrific job. this is a huge surprise to the folks out here at the zoo. mei xiang has had five false pregnancies since her last cub was born in 2005. she was only given a 10% chance of actually being pregnant this time around. so a major surprise. when everyone watching those panda cams at 10:46 last night heard the cries of a baby panda. mei xiang gave birth overnight. we're told that everything looks terrific. the cub is whining and loud and vocal and active. all of those very, very good signs. folks here are just incredibly excited. they've been watching the panda cams. in fact, the public can watch those 24-hour cameras. you can actually see mei xiang. she's built quite a nest inside her house. that's where she is right now. she's holding her baby. we've seen one glimpse of her. the staff did, just a fleeting glimpse of the cub. all accounts are that mei xiang is a terrific mother and doing a great job. >> mei xiang
the national zoo to die. megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting preliminary results from the animal autopsy that was performed. they've got a press conference scheduled for 10:00 a.m. this morning. again, we're expecting to learn more about exactly what may have killed the cub. just a very, very sad day here at the national zoo. of course, this was very unexpected. so much joy here just a week ago. then over the weekend something went terribly wrong, and the cub died on sunday morning. i'm joined by pamela baker with the zoo here. talk a little bit -- first of all, obviously, you're all just devastated. >> this is a big loss. this is devastating. we're in the conservation business. it's life, and it's death, but this is a devastating loss for all of us. >> reporter: do we have any idea of what happened? >> we are very closely looking at all the video. what we know is at about 9:17 mei xiang gave a distress vocalization, a honking, if you will, and that alerted the panda keepers immediately and the volunteers who were watching her on the panda cam. and from there it t
tickets will come today. you can bet they'll be going fast. news 4's megan mcgrath out here this morning. will they be lining up today? >> reporter: funny you should mention that. diehard nats fan out here at this hour. talk about your need to score these tickets? >> i think just waiting here today will be better than going online. i've been waiting for this to happen for so long, i regret not buying season tickets. but i'll be here at 6:00. it's worth it. >> reporter: you were listening to the game not ot radio. talk about the feeling when you heard. you knew they were going to do it. it's the first time in 79 years this has happened in washington. >> we all kind of knew it was going to happen. to clinch it, it was amazing. listening to it on the radio, you could hear the energy in the stadium. people actually coming out now. >> reporter: satisfied as a baseball fan to see this town get excited? >> very. it's been a long time coming. i waited to get a team here for so long, and then we were always competing, and now this year to be the number one team in the league right now, it's a rea
will attend a private memorial for survivors and families of the victims at the pentagon. our megan mcgrath is live there with more on tributes planned for today. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, un. this is a day that changed this country forever. and while it happened 11 years ago for the families, the pain is still fresh. this will always be a very painful and difficult day for them. now, 59 people on board flight 77 were killed. 125 others were killed inside the pentagon. now, last year, of course, was the tenth anniversary. the first since osama bin laden was killed. and there was a very large ceremony here at the pentagon. family members in attendance, dignitaries as well as employees and survivors of the attack. now, this year, however, things will be quite different. the remembrance ceremony that gets under way at 9:30 this morning will be only open to family members, much smaller than we've seen in the past. the victims memorial is also closed to the general public. they're doing this to allow family members to reflect and mourn in private. and really there's b
xiang has not shown off her cub. zoo keepers say both are doing fine. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live with the exciting arrival. i'm excited, megan. >> reporter: everyone's excited, as you can imagine. they've been waiting for this arrival for years. we've had exciting developments since we spoke to you. zoo staff saw for the first time, a fleeting glimpse of the cub, mei xiang cradling the cub in her arms. they say she's doing a terrific job. this birth came as a surprise. they thought perhaps there was a pseudopregnancy, a false pregnancy. mei xiang has had five of those in recent years. a sonogram that was given a couple of weeks ago, an ultrasound, showed nothing. it did not show a fetus inside of her. they thought this indeed may be one of those fake pregnancies. they gave her a 10% chance of actually giving birth this time around. imagine their surprise at 10:46 this morning when suddenly they heard the sounds, little whimpers, of a baby cub. so a lot of excitement here. they've been keeping a very close eye on her. everything, they say, looks terrific. right now mei xiang
for the possibility of more flooding. news 4's megan mcgrath in the plo bloomingdale neighborhood northwest where the flooding is getting to be old hat and a big problem. >> reporter: absolutely. we're here on rhode island avenue in the bloomingdale neighborhood. take a look at the electric sign. it says it all. severe weather expected. watch for standing water. and not just standing water. if history repeats itself, folks could be seeing rushing water, gushing water. not just on rhode island avenue, but inside their homes as well. that has been playing out time and time again throughout the course of this summer. several people or a number of people in this area, they've been flooded four times this summer alone. there's an outdated storm water system, and we've had homes that have brought a tremendous amount of water in a short period of time, and the drainage system just can't handle it. that's why d.c. water says we've been seeing the issue this summer. we are expecting a lot of rain later on this afternoon. this morning not so bad, just sprinkles here and there. later this afternoon, around
flooding. just at every time we get a downpour news4's megan mcgrath is live in the bloomingdale section of d.c. where it has happened again. >> reporter: actually, right now things are looking pretty good. this is rhode island avenue behind me here at first street. you can see that everything is dry right now. but this has become a real trouble spot. folks in this area has seen flooding four times in the last several weeks including yesterday. take a look at this video. this was shot during the height of the flooding after they saw the torrential downpour 'they actually had to rescue one man who got swept up in the flood waters. they used an inflatable boat to get to him. there were a number of cars that stalled out and got stuck in the flood waters. as i said, this isn't the first time it's happened. they've had four different instances in the last just several weeks where they've had flooding this this area. there are folks who lived here who had their basements flooded. they had to throw things away. they had to pull out all of the furniture and carpets and dry them out again. it's b
as schedule right now. last night, someone found remains near the track. megan mcgrath is there now. good morning. >>. >> reporter: good morning. the good news for vre riders is that service is back to normal. last night this grizzly discovery was made just a little bit before 6:00 p.m. someone found a package with remains on the tracks. service was stopped south of burke. there were about 1,700 customers on four trains that were impacted. some of them stranded for well over an hour, two hours even. now, what was this body part? what were the remains found inside this package? a vre spokesperson says that it is not a head, but they will not elaborate beyond that. the medical examiner is working to identify the remains to see if they are human or not. but certainly, a grim discovery. train traffic south of burke was shut down as police set up a crime scene and began their investigation. that left a lot of people stranded. vre scrambled some buses out to try to get the people out of the area. still a major inconvenience for thousands of people. again, the good news here is that service is b
on manassas drive. megan mcgrath live with what we've learned overnight. >> reporter: the good news here is that vre service is back to normal. we've just seen the second train of the morning go through station here at manassas park. the trains running on time this morning. however, last night, that was not case after a very grizzly discovery was made right after 6:00. a black plastic bag with remains was found near the tracks, near the manassas park station. a vre spokesperson says they were informed of this package by police, and police told them that at first glance, the remains inside this trash bag appeared to be human. that's going to have to be confirmed by the medical examiner who is now involved in this case. everything had to be shut down as police investigated and set up a crime scene. there were four trains that were impacted by this. they shut down service south of burke. there were a few people, we're told that decided to stick with the trains. they stayed onboard until things were reopened. those folks, though, didn't get back home or get to their home station until after
of a tractor-trailer accident on the inner loop of the beltway. megan mcgrath is live on the scene with the latest. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the rain is really coming down now. folks are going to have to be very careful when they pass through the area. they'll have to go to the left to get away from the accident scene. we've got a jackknifed tractor trailer on the inner loop of the beltway. this is just past wisconsin avenue. they have the lanes blocked off. you can see they're positioning the tow truck. they're trying to get this tractor-trailer -- >> it would appear we're having trouble with megan's live shot. we'll try to get back to her. >>> now to decision 2012, and mitt romney will focus on foreign policy. he'll speak by phone with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. president obama is not meeting with the prime minister during his trip to the u.s., but secretary of state hillary clinton did sit down with him yesterday. also yesterday, netanyahu urged the u.n. general assembly to draw a red line to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. he warn
. mom and baby seem to be doing fine. news 4's megan mcgrath at the national zoo with more on this exciting news. megan? >> reporter: very exciting news. it's been described as a glorious surprise. mei xiang has given birth to a cub overnight. she's had five pseudopregnancies, a lot of false alarms. there was an ultrasound two weeks ago that didn't show anything, no fetus. there were people who thought, well, maybe this is another one of those false alarms. a little before 11:00 last night, they heard the sounds of a cub. i'm joined by dr. brandi smith, senior curator here. talk about that. you heard the sounds. a bit of a surprise. >> it was. we're prepared for anything. so we have volunteers in the n panda house 24 hours a day. we heard the first squeals of a panda cub. we had to watch for a little while to make sure we could believe it, and we have a cub. >> reporter: talk about mei xiang. she's built quite a house, quite a den in the panda house. >> all of you looking at the panda cam will notice this panda in the midst of this huge bamboo nest. she's being a great mo
seasons of struggling, playing in october sure is sweet for the nationals. and news 4's megan mcgrath is live outside nationals park. so exciting, megan. >> reporter: so exciting for nats fans. the nationals in postseason play. you can see they still have the lights on, still doing a little cleanup. the nats clinched it last night with their win over the dodgers. it's the first time in postseason play for this franchise, first time in 79 years for a washington team. the last time it happened was back in 1933 with the senators. and so the buzz today, of course, is going to be how do i get my hands on some of these postseason tickets? it's going to happen for the general public beginning at 10:00 this morning. that's when the tickets are going to go on sale. and it's first come, first served. they have a limited number of tickets. so we're expecting them to go very, very fast. i pulled up the website here to give you an idea of what some of these tickets are going to be going for. the lexus president's seats, $400 a ticket for the tiebreaker game. there are more affordable tickets. you
killed when planes crashed into the world trade center, the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania. megan mcgrath is live at the pentagon with a preview of the commemoration ceremonies planned for today. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. this, of course, is a very sad and solemn day. the events of 9/11 changed this country forever. here at the pentagon, 59 people aboard flight 77 were killed. another 125 people inside the pentagon died in the attacks of 9/11. gnaw, last year was the tenth anniversary and the first since osama bin laden was killed. and there was a very large memorial service here. this year, however, things are going to be quite different. a remembrance ceremony will be held but it's going to be much smaller in size, not open to the general public. it will strictly be limited to family members. the victims memorial is also closed to the general public this morning to allow family members to reflect in the calm and quiet this morning. and we are expecting a number of family to begin coming here to the pentagon to just quietly sit on those benches at the
mcgrath is live in lorten now, megan, good morning. >> good morning. no doubt about it, the fairfax county school system is growing. a lot of kids coming in and not all that many leaving. in fact, they had 3,000 new students this year and they expect that trend to continue. they'll estimate they will get between 2,000 and 3,000 new students each year for the next several years. this year they opened two new schools to accommodate the influx of students. south county middle school where we are this morning and also opening graham road elementary in falls church. so, needless to say, for the students who are attending these new schools, today was an extra special day. >> do you know where you are going? >> reporter: it's one of life's big transitions the jump from elementary school to middle school. >> i'm super nervous. like really, really nervous but excited because i got all the elective i wanted and all my friends are in my class, which is good. >> a little nervous, but excited. but, just glad to be in this new school. >> reporter: not just a new academic experience, south middle
. the cub was just a few days old. megan mcgrath with more. >> reporter: good morning. just so much sadness here at the national zoo. the birth of the cub was unexpected. the zoo staff absolutely thrilled it happened. of course, on sunday something went terribly wrong. we are expecting to learn the preliminary results of that animal autopsy perhaps sometime today. we may learn more about exactly what killed this cub. mei xiang was seeming to do a very good job as a mother. everything seemed to be on track. the cub was making noises, seemed to be healthy. then on sunday, something went horribly wrong. at 9:00 a.m., that's the last noise the zoo staff heard from the baby. at 9:17 mei xiang put out a distress call, a honking noise which was unusual for her. that alerted zoo staff was something was wrong. they sprang into action. by the time they got to the cub, however, it was not breathing. they tried cpr and other things to revive the cub, but they just could not bring it back. as you would imagine, the staff here very, very upset about the death. >> the keepkeepers, the veterinarians, the v
who lost their lives 11 years ago. just one of many happening today. news 4s megan mcgrath live on the pentagon where another ceremony wrapped up. hey, megan. >> reporter: that's right. the ceremony just wrapped up here. many family members moved over to the victims memorial, which is closed to the general public, reserved for the family members to have a quiet moment this afternoon to reflect. the ♪ itself was short. only a few people spoke, including president barack obama. that was done on purpose. there was an effort here to keep this event low key and to limit the attendance to those who lost loved ones in the attack on the pentagon. the sunrises above the pentagon ushering in another solemn anniversary. 11 years ago today, 184 people were killed when flight 77, flying low with a terrorist at the controls slammed into the side of the building. >> it gives me chills every time i think of it. unfortunately, this is a sad day, but a day we grow as americans. >> i think people do remember. walking around, people seem to be more somber. i think it's very important that people
cleaning up after this weekend's powerful storms. news 4's megan mcgrath live in rece reston with some of the damage there. megan? >> reporter: good morning. we're on south shore road. this is a neighborhood with very tall, very mature trees, and a number of those trees came crashing down during the storm. just look at the mess. this huge pile of broken limbs here. a lot of cleanup work that needs to be done in this neighborhood. you can see that some of the trees came tumbling down, crashing on top of cars. we have damage to a number of homes in the area. this carport here collapsed when a tree fell on top of it. you can see there's a car underneath there as well. lots of work to be done here today. all in all, residents consider themselves to be fortunate because no one was hurt. >> the free came twisted off, came to the carport, crashed over the top. just did a lot of damage. no one got hurt. we're lucky. >> reporter: now, at the height of all of this, there were thousands of people who were without power, happy to report that a lot of progress has been made. most people are back on
residents in bloomingdale are cleaning up after yet another flood. megan mcgrath is live there with a look at the damage for us. good morning, megan. >> good morning. it has become an all too familiar problem in this neighborhood. they have flooded four times in the last several weeks. we're here along rhode island avenue at first street. this is one of the trouble spots here down at the bottom of the hill. this is a low spot. they have been flooding. every time we get a severe storm in the area, the water has just not been able to drain properly into the storm system. the storm drains here. it all backs up in a whole area ends up under water. take a look at this video shot yesterday. they actually had a situation where they had to rescue a person who got caught up in the flood waters. fire departments, fire crews had to come to the scene with a boat and actually get him out of the flood waters. there were a number of cars that were parked here along rhode island avenue. that the got swamped. others stalled while trying to drive through the area. it was just an absolute mess as this rain c
completely. news 4's megan mcgrath has more on the potential headaches. >> reporter: planning to ride the red line this weekend? well, think again. major track work is closing a large section of the line. instead of hopping a train, you'll be boarding a bus. >> it will impact me, it will impact me getting to work, but i guess they have a good reason for doing so, i hope. >> reporter: no red line service between dupont circle and the no-ma-gallaudet stations. the gallaudet station only open to glenmont traffic. three stations closed entirely. farrah gut north, judiciary square and union station. and it's only blue and orange lines for metro center at gallery place, green and yellow are the only options. for those who ride the red on the weekend, it's going to be a tough one. >> probably not going to be doing anything coming this way. i was really relying on metro, and you know, weekend traffic is pretty bad so -- >> reporter: you're going to stick close to home. >> yep. kind of have to. >> a big inconvenience. we're putting a lot of money into the system. i mean, there's got be other options.
this weekend's major storm. news 4's megan mcgrath. >> reporter: we're here on south shore road. this a neighborhood with a lot of tall, mature trees. saturday's storm, a lot of those trees came tumbling down. you can see the huge stack of broken limbs. we have a truck, you can see the damage here. just a very scary situation. fortunately, no injuries so despite all of the damage, people consider themselves quite lucky. now, in terms of the power outages, at the height of all of this, there were thousands of people without power. most people are back online, they have their electricity back. in resten, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> i was without electricity saturday night. >> you had to battle through. >> but look at that sky right there. the temperature just -- >> just a little nippy. >> it was this morning, but not now. it's warming up beautifully now. under this bright strong september sun. temperatures right now at just past 11:00. 70 at reagan national. it's near 70s throughout most of the region. elsewhere, here's the wider view temperatures. in the shenandoah valley, into the
demand. news 4's megan mcgrath spoke with excited students in lorton. >> reporter: it's one of life's big transitions. the jump from elementary school to middle school. >> i'm super nervous. like, really, really nervous, but excited. because i got all the electives i wanted. all my friends are in my class, which is good. >> a little nervous. but excited. but just glad to be in this new school. >> reporter: it isn't just a new academic experience. south county middle itself is brand-new. one of two new schools in fairfax county this year. >> the biggest way it's going to make a difference for our students, there's a lot of room for them. when we were in the secondary school we were sharing a lot of the facilities. here are students have plenty of room to grow and explore. they have their own gym, auxiliary gym, our own cafeteria. >> their gym is really nice. they have a really nice gym. classrooms are nice. teachers are nice. everything. >> reporter: more than 180,000 kids returned to class this morning. that's 3,000 more than last year. that trend is expected to continue over the next sev
from vandals. megan mcgrath is here to tell us about what it's recording and what it's not. >> reporter: it snaps photos of drivers who are going too fast. but now in a quirky turn of events the speed camera has become the subject of photo surveillance. mess with it and a second lens will catch you in the act. yes, that's right, there's a camera taking pictures of the camera, all to protect it against vandalism. it's become an increasing problem in prince george's county with six speed cameras damaged in the last 12 months. >> two burned one totally, one that sustained some superficial damage. a couple that were spray painted. one had the leg chopped off. cut off. we replaced that. and one flipped. >> and one shot. >> and one shot. >> reporter: police have asked we not reveal the exact location of the surveillance camera for fear that it too, will become a target. but it's there, recording around the clock. last july someone, presumably an upset speeder, lit the camera on fire. that's when the police department decided to fight back. but they emphasize
. megan mcgrath is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see that all of the water is gone, but the telltale sans remain. we have mud still here on the pavement on one sidewalk here. it's become a very frustrating situation for folks that live here. every time we get a heavy rain, the bloomingdale neighborhood floods. for some folks they flooded four times this summer, and it happened again last night. >> i came down here from upstairs. all this water and everything. i stepped in it. it was up to my ankles. >> reporter: alonzo is tired of cleaning up mud and water. this is the fourth time this summer that the rhode island avenue row home has flooded. >> it was coming up through the drains in there. when i went out back to the back porch out there and tried to open it, there was more water coming in there. >> once again, torrential rain caused a flash flood in the bloomingdale neighborhood. the water got so high that rescue crews had to fish out one man using a boat. the floodwater is gone now, but left behind a mucky mess. residents spent the morning cl
at the pentagon. as megan mcgrath reports, the ceremony was emotional but much more private and intimate than in years past. >> reporter: the sun rises above the pentagon ushering in another solemn anniversary. 11 years ago today, 184 people were killed when flight 77 flying low with a terrorist at the controls slammed into the side of the building. >> still gives me chills every time i think of it. and unfortunately this is a sad day but a day that we grow as americans. >> i think people do remember. walking around, people definitely seem to be a little bit more somber. and i think it's very important that people don't forget it. >> reporter: it was 9:37 in the morning that the threat of terrorism became a shocking reality in the nation's capital. this morning at the polentagon e painful moment was marked by a moment of silence. today's ceremony was smaller than in years past to allow the families to mourn more privately. during his remarks, president barack obama offered his condolences and promised that their loved ones did not die in vain. >> they were taken from us suddenly and far too s
is preparing for a rally. romney will campaign at van dyke park and fairfax. megan mcgrath is live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. you can see all the people that gathered at van dyke park. the candidate himself, mitt romney has not arrived. we are expecting him shortly. he's been criticized about the statements about u.s. diplomats and criticizing the obama administration for handling the situation while the events were unfolding. he is expected toouch on that subject again here this morning. romney is expected to talk about his vision for america's middle class. the banners say the romney plan for a stronger middle class. he's expected to talk about trade and china. now, the crowd here gathered very early this morning. they waited at the gates for them to open to go through security and grab a good spot to hear the speech. we have been talking to some of romney's supporters about the issue that is are important to them. >> well, i'm a retired registered nurse. i'm concerned about medicare and what's going to be happening to us. >> reporter: what are the big issues for
. >>> this morning residents of the d.c. area are cleaning up after the powerful storms. megan mcgrath is live with a look at the damage. megan? >> reporter: the storm blew through on saturday, but you can see monday morning, there's still a lot of cleanup to be done in the hardest hit areas. we're on south shore road in reston where these trees came tumbling down. you can see this wall of trees that's actually taller than i am on the side of the road. all of this needs to be cleaned up. when the trees came down, and some are very, very large trees. they came down on cars and trucks parked on the side of the road. also a tree came tumbling down on this carport. you can see the damage it did to this particular house. a lot of work still needs to be done. all in all, residents say they consider themselves to be fortunate because no one was injured. >>> tr >> tree got twisted off, came to the carport, crashed on the top. it did a lot of damage, but no one got hurt. we're lucky. >> reporter: now, while there's a lot of cleanup still ahead, folks are with power again. that's the good news. or most
this morning, news 4's megan mcgrath is live there with more on the tributes planned for today. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, aaron. it was a day that changed this ] ago, k killed on thatdn?]+pones, fresh, and this will always be a very difficult day. 59 people on board flight 77 died. 125 people inside the pentagon were killed on that horrible day. now, last year was the tenth a large ceremony here anniversary. a large crowd in attendance. many dignitaries as well as family members and employees at the pentagon. this year, however, there will be quite a different ceremony. there will be a remembrance ceremony at 9:30 this morning, but it will only be open to family members. a much smaller gathering than what we've seen in the past. the victims memorial is also closed to the general public, and they're doing this to allow families to reflect and mourn i the ceremony. now, there's a real effort to make this a very intimate and private event this year, and they are keeping the numbers down. that is why they are limiting the attendance to just family members. now, for t
be a mess for both you and school bus drivers this morning. news4's megan mcgrath is live at oak ton elementary. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. a lot going on here this morning. we are outside oakton elementary sco school in is cambridge road. later on today we're expecting a lot of activity as the area's largest school system, fairfax county, goes back to school. the kids back in class later on this morning. 181,000 students will be returning to class this morning, so you can expect to see lots of buses out there later on today as well as walkers. kids walking around on the neighborhood streets getting to school this morning. we're also going to, of course, have people returning from their labor day vacations. lots of folks returning to work for the first time in about a week. and so we're expecting a lot of traffic congestion out there. some have come to call this day terrible traffic tuesday. so motorists are asked to be particularly patient. give themselves a little extra time when getting to work later on today. now, there are two new schools opening up. so
county schools may change how they discipline students. the disciplinary policy. news 4 megan mcgrath has more now from fairfax. >> good morning. every student in the fairfax county public school system is bound by the rules and policies of the rights and responsibilities manual. but that manual is quite large. it's over 40 pages. and it's actually in the process of being updated and changed. that process, however, has not been without controversy. some parents have called for a reworking of the discipline rules and they want input into that process. well, later tonight, the school board will vote on the makeup of a 29-person committee that will look at the policies and then offer recommendations to the school board. now, the committee is to be made up of administrators, educators and parents, but some are concerned that the committee is too heavily weighed towards staff members. and they want assurances that school employees will not outnumber parents. >> i'd like to see experts who know about student discipline, who deal with the outcomes of students who have been through the discipline
will be allowed to come and pay their respects later on in the afternoon. reporting live from the pentagon, megan mcgrath, news 4-back to you in the studio. >>> special ceremonies will also be held across the country to honor those lost. thousands will gather at the world trade center memorial site. this year no politicians will speak. only family members will read names of victims. there will be four moments of silence at the time each plane hit and each tower fell. at sunset the tribute in lights will stretch four miles into the sky inspired by the shape of the twin towers. today vice president biden will attend a memorial service at the site where flight 93 crashed near shanksville, pennsylvania. leon panetta was there yesterday. he took a tour and participated in a wreath-laying ceremony. that stone wall is covered with the names of the passengers and crew who died that day. >>> you'll see a heightened security presence today on metro in montgomery county. police officers will be using a new safety tool. they're carrying devices on their belts that detect radiation. a hit caused lights to fla
times this summer. that's where megan mcgrath is now. how are they preparing, megan? >> reporter: tom, folks on edge. some folks in this neighborhood, the bloomingdale neighborhood, they've been flooded four times this summer. as you've been saying all morning long, there's the possibility of severe downpours, possibly an inch, maybe two inches in some spots. they've got some signs out watch for standing water. some of the flooding conditions we've seen in rhode island avenue, just horrible with water gushing down the streets. some people having the water gush into their basements, up out of drains, just a real mess here. they're hopeful it's not going to happen again tonight. they aren't so sure. they've had such a problem as of late. they're not sure why it has started to become such a problem. we are expecting downpours later on this afternoon. certainly some nerves here in the bloomingdale neighborhood. we have seen light rain here around the area, which could be having an impact around traffic this morning. for more on that, we'll go to danella sealock now. danella, how's it look
their electricity back. we just have minimal outages at this point. in reston, megan mcgrath, news 4. >>> that storm ushered in some cool air, fall air. just how cool is it going to get tonight? >> bundle up. meteorologist veronica johnson is outside now on the weather deck. you'll need a sweater in a few hours. >> reporter: that is true, jim. a lot of folks probably needing the jackets by tomorrow morning. today the realization, you feel it if you're outside. this feels like fall out here. we've got low humidity. we've got a little bit of a breeze. we've got nice sunshine over us. and again, those lower temperatures, cooler air has really moved in. if you're like me when you stepped outside this morning, the realization that, hey, you cannot take your dog out in your pajamas anymore. in howard county, starting out in the mid-50s. 52 around falls church. 60 right in d.c. when we take a look back at the cool mornings, indeed coming up, tonight, tomorrow morning, could be the coolest that we have seen in four months going back to may 19th. because we're forecasting right now an overnight temperature o
. in hyattsville, i'm tracee wilkins, "news 4." >>> it's going to be a messy weekend. megan mcgrath joins us with more on the delays. megan. >> as metro riders will tell you, these things, cell phones, they don't work very well down if the stations and in the tunnels. some of the work that's being done this weekend is designed to improve that to boost cell coverage in the system, but in order to get that work done, they're going to have to close a long stretch of the redline, and that's going to mean some headaches for riders all weekend long. planning to ride the redline this weekend? well, i think again. major track work is closing a large section of the lean. instead of hopping a train, you'll be boarding a bus. >> it will impact me. it will impact my work. i guess they have a good reason for doing so, i hope. >> reporter: no redline service between dupont circle and the novon-galla novon-galla novon-galladet service for sunday. only open to glenmont traffic. three stations open entirely. and it's only blue and orange lines for metro center. at gallery place, green, and yellow are the onl
are not so bullish. megan mcgrath said that qe-3 really has to work for these stocks to continue to work. i'm encouraged, she said, but i wouldn't head into the home builders today. she's looking for a 5 to 6% pullback before getting in. david goldberg says stocks feel ahead of themselves given our outlook, which is for a gradual housing recovery. and steven east says in near term, the group is likely ahead of itself. a lot of housing data out tomorrow for the stocks to react to. housing starts at 8:30 a.m. existing home sales at 10:00 a.m. we'll be watching mortgage applications as well. it's all on cnbc. >> yeah, that's a lot to watch for. >> big day for diana tomorrow. >> meanwhile, a new report from the federal housing finance agency says government mortgage giant fannie mae, which remember needed $116 taxpayer bailout. that same company paid 20% more than required to end a contract with bank of america that was servicing a batch of loans. the reason bank of america had the right to not accept the money to end the agreement, so fannie increased the payment to try to convince them to end
get away. >> danella will have your traffic in a men it but, first, megan mcgrath has more on what to expect this morning. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. we're expecting a very busy day here as schools in fairfax county open up later on this morning. we're here outside oakton elementary school at chainbridge road. we have a few hours ago before the kids head back to class. we are expecting a lot of traffic congestion today. this is the area's largest school system, fairfax county. more than 181,000 students returning to class later on here. so we're expecting to see a lot of buses out there on the roadways as well as kids walking on neighborhood streets and sidewalks. be extra careful. of course, we also have all the people who are returning from their last big summer vacation. they took time off over the labor day weekend. they're all returning to work later on this morning and getting back to the grind as well. we are expecting a lot of congestion out there on the roadways later on this morning. again, keep an eye out for those kids. fairfax county police will be
you buy? do you sell? megan mcgrath joins us with mkm partners. bob wettenhall with rbc capital markets. bob, obviously if you're new to the game, the party's been going for some time. where do you think we're lickly to trade from here? >> we remain encouraged by the fund mental outlook. a lot of the easy money's already been made in the sector, but you don't need to get off right now. we're just looking for smaller gains as they move into year end. the fundamentals are robust. stock prices are lofty. >> megan, i suppose to people it depends on whether or not you think from this promise from the federal reserve to keep buying mortgage-backed securities is going to further boost the housing market and home building market, and there's a lot of discussion about whether mortgage departments are overwhelmed or whether people who can refi have already refied. what do you make of what the fed has said in particular for your industry? >> yeah, well, clearly what the market told us last week is they're expecting qe3 to work. home builders last week were up 11% on average. qe3 really has
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